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  Professor Humayon Dar

Professor Humayon Dar is Chairman, President & CEO of Edbiz Consulting Limited, a London-based Islamic financial consulting firm. He is a leading spokesman for the Islamic financial services industry, and has played lead roles in a number of global initiatives for the development of Islamic finance. As an Islamic financial innovator, he has helped a number of banks and financial institutions in developing cutting-edge products such as Islamic derivatives and structured products, Shari'a compliant short selling and structuring of Islamic hedge funds. His most recent contribution to the Islamic financial industry is the first-ever Islamic Socially Responsible Investing – SRI – screening methodology. He is an Editor-in-Chief of Islamic Finance Review (ISFIRE) – a quarterly magazine published by Edbiz Consulting from London.

Professor Dar holds a BSc (Hons) and MSc (both in Islamic Economics) from International Islamic University in Islamabad, where he studied with a number of top Islamic jurists and Muslim thinkers. He also has an MPhil and PhD (both in Economics) from Cambridge University, where he conducted research on Islamic finance. His post-doctoral research has focused exclusively on Islamic economics, banking and finance. Professor Dar also sits on the Board of Directors of Arab British Chamber of Commerce – a high-level body supported by the British government and the government of the Arab countries. He also sits on Shari'a Boards of several institutions, including Hong Leong Islamic Bank, Allianz Global Investors, Sharia UMEX and many more.

  Rizwan Rahman
Associate Editor

Rizwan has enjoyed a diverse career embarking on a path that has seen him work in several sectors. Having completed his Masters in economics, he worked at the World Bank in Bangladesh, acting as a researcher for the Senior Economist. After returning to the UK, Rizwan pursued his legal studies while concurrently working at leading law firms. He completed the LPC. In 2008, he was introduced to Islamic through undertaking an internship at European Finance House (EFH). Rizwan has since worked at the Islamic Finance Council and BMB Islamic. He is currently Associate Manager at Edbiz Consulting where he is jointly responsible for product development, drafting of legal documentation to ensure legal and Shari'a compliance and conducting market research and analysis. His capital markets experience include working on Islamic derivative structures, simple long only equity funds with emphasis on Shari'a stock screening and periodic monitoring.

  Rizwan Malik
Associate Editor

Rizwan Malik is part of the new crop of talented and dedicated professionals within the Islamic finance industry. As a consummate professional with extensive experience in sales and relationship management, Rizwan has been instrumental in the development and execution of successful campaigns promoting the multiple services offered by Edbiz Consulting. A dedicated, personable character, he has strong ties with international organisations and leading Islamic financial practitioners built from extensive business travels. He has managed relationships with multinational parties for all the transactions initiated by Edbiz Consulting. Rizwan holds a BA and an MSc in Banking and Finance. His Masters dissertation on 'Performance of mutual funds in the Islamic finance industry' compared and contrasted the risk/return profile of Islamic, ethical and conventional mutual funds. Leaving higher education, Rizwan began at BMB Islamic as an Associate. His rapid career development at BMB Islamic led him to become Business Development Manager at Edbiz Consulting. In addition to his day to day managerial tasks, he has profound experience in Shari'a compliant stock screening of equity funds where he liaised effectively with Shari'a scholars and fund managers. He brings client liaison experience to the team and has been integral to the development of the business.

  Asim Anwar Kamal
Associate Editor

Asim Anwar Kamal graduated from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with a 1st class honours degree in Economics, specialising in Islamic Economics & Finance. Throughout his time at IIUM he excelled and was awarded the IIUM scholarship for academic excellence. He graduated as the top ranked student in Economics and was also awarded the Best Student in Islamic Economics prize. After completing the degree, Asim was awarded a scholarship from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to pursue their Masters/Chartered Islamic Finance Professional Programme (CIFP), which he recently completed. Asim's stellar educational performance and his knowledge of the Shari'a & finance grants him the necessary skills to advise and structure. He has worked in developing a number of products including mutual funds, Shari'a compliant REPOs, retail and working capital products. Asim is responsible for the Shari'a Audit and in charge of presenting to Shari'a scholars. Complimenting his product development experience, Asim works extensively on research and analysis.