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PART 1 Overview of the Industry

Profile – Dubai Islamic Bank
Chapter 1: The Islamic Banking and Finance Industry
Chapter 2: Islamic Finance Country Index 2014
Chapter 3: Country Sketches

PART 2 Review of Industry Segments

Chapter 4: Islamic Banking and Finance: A Tool for Economic Development
Chapter 5: Retail Banking
Chapter 6: Looking for the Perfect Islamic Window
Chapter 7: Capital Markets
Chapter 8: Sukuk
Chapter 9: Securitisation in the GCC
Chapter 10: Takaful and Pension Plans
Chapter 11: Risk Management
Chapter 12: Taxation
Chapter 13: Islamic Microfinance
Chapter 14: Law and Legislation
Chapter 15: Corporate Governance
Chapter 16: Life and Reflections on Islamic Economics

PART 3 Human Resources in the Industry

Special Focus – Assuring Quality of Human Capital in the Islamic Financial Services Industry
Chapter 17: Human Capital Development
Chapter 18: Islamic Finance Education
Chapter 19: Building Leadership
Chapter 20: Building Capacity